May 19, 2004

ID Cards

As David "taliban" Blunkett continues his quest to force everyone to carry licences to exist, yet more holes have appeared in his reasons. It was said that we might as well have the ID card scheme on the basis that most of the cost is money we'd have to spend anyway, because we need to upgrade our passports to meet US and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) standards however Belgium and Holland are getting ready to ship Biometric Passports without biometic ID cards.

How you might ask? Well the, perfectly ligitimate, biometric used in the new passports is simply a machine readable image. The same as the picture that passports already need but in a scanned from, meaning that they can get a biometric passport without any extra cost, inconvience, or additional trashing of civil liberties.

It's amazing, once the liberal left wing labour party got into power they have consistently managed to find someone from there ranks that is even more illiberal than Michael Howard to act as Home Office minister.


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